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Entry to provide a link to my MOM 2005 solution accerators document that was published recently in technet magazine. This is the draft version of that article.


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  1. pzerger says:

    Good information. I notice you mention the next version of Notification Workflow is coming soon?

    The notification hierarchy is a strong need for several of my customers. please say it’s coming soon 🙂

    When is this article to be published?

  2. pzerger says:

    Sorry to be a nuisance, but there are two other aspects of Notification Workflow I was hoping you could speak to:

    Support for clustering in the next version?

    Support for a distributed configuration? (separation of SQL and reporting components)



  3. pzerger says:


    I installed version 2.1 released in March, but didnt see anything in the docuementation or the GUI regarding escalation functionality. 2.1 primarily seems to have addressed a couple of known issues, one of which is the distributed installation. The GUI looks no different to me than version 2.0.

    Can you clarify as to where we find the escalation functionality?

  4. steverac says:

    It seems the update had not yet been released and is still pending.  The changes discussed in my article should be in the update once it is released.  Sorry for any confusion.


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