SQL 2005 and SMS/MOM

A lot of folks are asking about support for SQL 2005 with SMS 2003 and MOM 2005.  Neither of the current releases support SQL 2005.  This is planned for SP2 for SMS 2003 and discussions are continuing for MOM 2005.  I'm running the database for the current releases of both products on SQL 2005 and it seems very smooth - looking forward to customers being able to use it - but this is not officially supported yet and absolutely should not be done in production.

- Steve

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  1. pzerger says:


    We’ve heard rumors repeatedly from PSS referencing a hotfix in testing for SQL 2005….any truth to this?

    and if so, when is it coming? Any info is appreciated.

  2. steverac says:

    Good question and you are correct that there were some code changes required to support the MOM 2005 DB running on SQL 2005.  There should be some ‘official’ communication on this soon.

    – Steve

  3. pzerger says:


    A hotfix was posted that mentions a fix, but the associated KBKB913801 is unavailable. Can you elaborate for us as to where this places support for MOM 2005 SP1 on SQL 2005? and what was contained in 913801?


  4. steverac says:

    That’s what I was saying!  🙂  Things are in the works to get this done – not everything is ready yet.  Once we have it all ready you will see information on what needs to happen.  

    – Steve

  5. hugheser says:

    Are there any new updates.  I see there is a new hotfix at:


    although KB915785 is not available.  

    I am currently stuck trying to decide whether to start with SQL 2005 or 2000 with MOM 2005.  Everything is paid for and we have licenses for both SQL 2000 and 2005, we are just waiting on the SQL situation to be taken care of.  Do you see any problems with starting out with SQL 2000 now and then upgrading once everything is sorted out?


  6. steverac says:

    You can definately start with SQL 2000 – for ease of installation I would suggest starting with SQL 2000 SP3, get everything installed and then roll forward to SQL 2000 SP4.  Once the required fixes are released (not ready yet) you can roll forward to SQL 2005.


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