Pre-Staged Media the Flexible Way

Note: This article is not intended to demonstrate how to configure prestaged media deployments but, instead, to use prestaged media as another example of the great flexibility that can be achieved in OSD when you truly know how the system works. When leveraging prestaged media in ConfigMgr the typical setup process is as follows: ·…


Speaking at IT/Dev Connections 2016

10-13th October 2016: IT/Dev Connections, Las Vegas, United States IT-Dev Connections is one of the biggest community driven conferences with a broad audience. This year I will present two sessions   Troubleshooting ConfigMgr and Intune – Deep Dive This session will dive deeply into the ConfigMgr/Intune communications and will demonstrate how data flows across the…


Speaking at Live 360

I will be presenting at Live 360 in Orlando this December.  The event has provided speakers with a discount code for those who which to attend, as below.  Hope to see you there.   Useful links:


Deploying OneDrive for Business – An Example

  Deploying OneDrive for Business is a task that can easily be handled with ConfigMgr. Configuring the deployment is easy but the process is not typical. My colleague, Paulo Jorge Morais Dias, has written a blog on how to do this – available here. The process he describes is similar but different from what I…


OSD SMSTSDownloadProgram Option

Had an interesting scenario recently while working with a large customer with a LOT of locations. The challenge was that they needed to stage imaging content on local servers at each location to facilitate imaging without overloading the network links. OK, easy – right? The twist was that they could not make the local servers…


Compliance Settings – Examples

Note:  These screenshots are difficult to read.  The exported configuration items are attached along with a  few additional examples.  They are intended only for import in a lab environment. Compliance Settings, formerly Desired Configuration Management in ConfigMgr 2007, has been a key ConfigMgr capability for years and remains one of the most capable, but often…


OSD – Standalone Media, Version Control and Auto-Updating

Standalone media is a very useful option for building bare metal systems in areas with limited or no network access. Standalone media is also a great failsafe solution to allow builds to continue when problems exist that prevent contact with the ConfigMgr server or related systems. When using standalone media in scenarios where zero network…


Inventory or Compliance Settings–Making the Right Choice

Inventory, for both hardware and software, is a long standing capability of ConfigMgr. Both features work well and do what they claim –provide an inventory of either hardware or software on a system based on specific configurations. Inventory is also a very familiar component for anyone who has worked with any version of ConfigMgr. Because…


Speaking at Live! 360 Orlando

I’ll be speaking at Live! 360 Orlando, November 16-20.Surrounded by your fellow industry professionals, Live! 360 provides you withimmediately usable training and education that will keep you relevant in theworkforce. I’ll be presenting the following sessions: Windows 10 Deployment with Config Man OSD -Planning and Strategy   Workshop: Application Deployment – TheConfiguration Manager Way SPECIAL OFFER:…


ConfigMgr 2012, the Application Model and advanced Detection Logic

Two previous blog posts, here and here, detail the inner workings of the new ConfigMgr 2012 application model. When properly used the application model is a capable mechanism to help administrators manage and track applications throughout their lifecycle. As administrators use and are successful with the application model their understanding of its various capabilities increase…