Using the .NetCF Remote Performance Monitor to find memory leaks: A real world example

A few weeks ago I posted an entry describing how to use the .Net Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor to find managed memory leaks.  The other day I ran across a post from Rabi Satter describing how he used to tool to solve a critical leak for one of his customers.  His real world experience provides a much more…


Using the .Net Compact Framework Remote Performance Monitor to Optimize your application’s memory usage

The November issue of .Net Developers Journal includes a new article on using the Remote Performance Montior.  In the article I describe how to interpret the various memory-related counters to optimize how your Compact Framework application uses memory on the device. Thanks, Steven This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


.Net Compact Framework GC article in .Net Developers Journal

I recently wrote an article for .Net Developers Journal on how operations like boxing and string manipulations can affect the performance of the Compact Framework’s garbage collector. Credit for the ideas and samples in the article go to Roman Batoukov. Check out the February issue. For more Compact Framework performance information, see the FAQ on…


The Design of the .Net Compact Framework CLR, Part III: GC Heap Management

Here’s Part III of the series on the design of the .Net Compact Framework CLR.  Previous posts in this series provided an overview of how the CLR manages memory and described the basic design tenants of the JIT compilers: Part I, Overview and Background Part II, Jit Compiler Design Considerations This post focuses on the…


An Overview of the .Net Compact Framework Garbage Collector

Developers frequently ask for more information about how the garbage collector works in the Compact Framework.  In this blog entry, I’ll address the questions we are most often asked about the collector.  I’ll start by describing the overall model for collections in the Compact Framework.  I’ll then point out a few of the key differences…