Another book update for “Customizing the Common Language Runtime”



A reader recently pointed out another error in my hosting book.  The error involves an API I used in the book that was cut before the final release went out.

On pages 253-256 I describe a hosting API named IHostControl::GetDomainNeutralAssemblies.  The idea at the time was that this API could be used by a host to tell the CLR exactly which assemblies to load domain neutral.  Unfortunately I published the book 6 months or so before the final product release (this was .Net Framework 2.0) and by the time the product shipped the CLR team had decided to remove the API.

As such, the options you have to tell the CLR which assemblies to load domain neutral aren’t nearly as granular.  These options are represented by the enumeration called LoaderOptimization.  This enumeration is described on page 252 of the book.

My apologies for this error.  Bitten again by releasing the book before the product shipped…



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