The CLR Profiler for the .Net Compact Framework Series Index

I've completed all that I had planned to write (at least for now) about how to use the CLRProfiler with NetCF.  Here's a brief explanation and a link to each post the series:

  • Part I, Getting Started. Describes how to install the profiler, launch an application, and begin collecting profiling data.
  • Part II, Histograms and "Show Who Allocated". The profiler displays various histograms you can use to determine the types and number of objects your application is allocating.  You can also determine what methods in your application cause which types to get allocated.
  • Part III, The Timeline View. The timeline view shows the state of the GC heap over the lifetime of your application.
  • Part IV, The Call Tree View. Detailed information about every method call and every object allocation is shown in the Call Tree View.
  • Part V, Controlling the Profiler Programmatically. The CLRProfiler generates a large amount of data and significantly slows down your application.  You can programmatically control when the profiler runs using an API that you call from your application.  This API also allows you to insert comments into the profile data and to take a snapshot of the GC on demand.



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    .NET VS2008 SP1 Beta and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Beta is now available Connection Pooling, ADO.NET, SPIDs

  3. The .Net Compact Framework 3.5 Power Toys include a new utility called the NetCF Configuration Tool.

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