MIX 08

In case you missed it yesterday…..  Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie will join Scott Guthrie on stage as a keynote speaker at MIX08 on Wednesday, March 5, 2008.  Ray will discuss Microsoft’s continued investment across the platform to deliver world class Web technologies and tools.  There’s lots of excitement with Silverlight, IE and much… Read more

The End is Near…

Or at least the end of the year, which for me means time with the family and friends.  I hope everyone has a quiet and relaxing holiday and uses technology for fun and relaxation and not solving “real world” problems J   There have been some posts recently around the enterprise computing side of the house… Read more

A first for the movie industry, a first for Silverlight

While it might be hard to believe that Silverlight has only been on the market since September and it is already being used to stream the first ever studio-backed full-length feature film – Jackass 2.5.  For those of you 17 or older, you can see the movie beginning December 19th – December 31st, 2007 at… Read more

Innovating on Web Capabilities

Microsoft has continued to innovate on its Web development capabilities, one of the five core capabilities in our Application Platform portfolio, to better align with our customers’ business needs. Some of the products in this area are Silverlight, .NET Framework, ASP .NET and others.  Check out Scott Guthrie and Soma’s blogs yesterday for the latest… Read more

Making TV on the Web

I spent several years in the early 2000’s working on Microsoft’s overall TV strategy in line with our acquisition of WebTV, the early hype on HDTV (which finally works), “Interactive” TV and other incarnations of how digital technology would impact television.  Of course the impact and change is ongoing with everything from the programming to… Read more