The AI Journey

Over the last year I have spent a significant amount of time with customers and partners discussing Artificial Intelligence (AI), some of the core patterns emerging in terms of initial implementations, and in many cases where and how to get started on the journey. While there has been, and continues to be, a lot of… Read more

Microsoft Tops Four AI Leaderboards Simultaneously

Businesses are continuously trying to be more productive, while also better serving their customers and partners, and AI is one of the new technology areas they are looking at to help with this work. My colleague Alysa Taylor recently shared some of the work we are doing to help in this area with  our upcoming… Read more

AI and Digital Feedback Loops

I am here in sunny…aka “hot” Las Vegs for the 2018 Microsoft Inspire and Ready conferences. Despite the heat I love this time of year for the opportunity to meet with many of Microsoft’s great partners to discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the opportunities to work together in this area. Over the last year I’ve… Read more

Emerging AI Patterns

One of the top conversations that we have with businesses all over the world is how digital transformation is impacting every part of their operations. This wave of “Digital Transformation” impacts every business and every industry; from media to sports, from finance to healthcare, and from Fortune 1000 organizations to small businesses. This wave of… Read more

Microsoft’s Approach to AI

Although AI has been around for decades it is only recently that companies and organizations are starting to adopt it at scale.  In my previous post I wrote about the new generation of technology building blocks that will shape the future of digital experiences with a specific focus on Artificial Intelligence, and what is driving… Read more

AI and the New Generation of Software Building Blocks

Today at Build 2018 there was a lot of great energy around the work Microsoft is doing in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  This energy comes from our continued investment to deliver on the capabilities customer and partners have been asking for, along with unique new innovations. While there is strong interest in the… Read more