Business AI Tops the SQuAD Leader Board

Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC) is a relatively new part of natural language processing (NLP) and is an important part of AI that researchers around the world are working on. The MRC research community has been collaborating around several recently proposed datasets, e.g., the Stanford Question Answer Dataset (SQuAD) and the CNN/Daily Mail QA (CNN-DM) which… Read more

Introducing Dynamics 365 AI Solutions

“Solutions built from the ground up with AI and already serving over 650,000 sessions per week using AI.” Digital transformation has been reshaping our world and artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the next phases of capability being unlocked by this transformation. It’s an incredible time to be working in the AI space and at… Read more

de:code 2017 in Tokyo, Japan

One of the things that I enjoy about my job is the ability to talk to developers and ISVs from all over the world. On Tuesday I was honored to kick off Microsoft Japan’s annual de:code event in Tokyo along with my colleagues Alex Kipman and Joseph Sirosh.  This is my second time at de:code… Read more

Microsoft Build 2017: Redefining Business with AI and My New Role

Today at Build Microsoft Executive Vice President Harry Shum, who heads the AI & Research organization, talked about how AI is impacting society and how we are supporting developers to infuse AI into all their efforts. If you missed his keynote I encourage you to watch it on demand. He also talked about how AI… Read more

Continuing the evolution of the Microsoft MVP Award!

Back in October 2015, I announced the first step in a broad vision to transform the MVP Award program. Since then, you have provided a great deal of feedback on how we could take this vision further. Thank you for your feedback. Now, with the arrival of 2017, this is the perfect moment to share… Read more

Welcome to 2017

It is the start of the year and my team and I are traveling to CES today in Las Vegas. CES has transitioned in recent years from an electronics show to a broader meeting of technologists. This makes sense as software eats the world, developers take on an increasingly more important role in every company… Read more