Facebook & Microsoft Hackathon

We’re really excited to partner with Facebook to host a hackathon down in Menlo Park at the Facebook offices.  A number of our engineers along with Facebook’s engineers will be there working with developers to show how easily you can deeply integrate across both the Windows and Windows Phone apps.  We’ll be offering 1:1 assistance along with some great speakers that will help jumpstart any app efforts you have.  The website for the event is here – http://facebookmicrosofthack.splashthat.com

I’d like to encourage anyone that is interested to attend and hear from some of the experts in the industry and go 1 on 1 with our teams.  Microsoft and Facebook have continued to partner on behalf of the developer community and this and this hackathon shows off some of the great ways you can build off of our work including:

  1. Delivering Unique Consumer Experiences: Through the Facebook Login API for Windows and Windows Phone, developers can create unique consumer experiences due to the seamless integration with Microsoft products that consumers already use every day (ie Bing, Outlook, others.)
  2. Providing Developers with scale; world class tools: Shared code means developers spend less time coding and more time making apps interesting and easy to use. The common core across the Windows platform helps developers scale their resources quickly build Facebook-connected apps across multiple devices though reusable codes, libraries, and other helpful open-sourced tools.
  3. Policy. Evolving macro topics to improve tech and economy:  Since 2007, Microsoft and Facebook have partnered to evolve both technology and the macroeconomics that impact technical employees and consumers. This latest developer toolkit is just one example of the way the Microsoft and Facebook continue to help developers of all skillsets be successful on the platforms.

We hope you can join us for this event and of course our thanks to Facebook for hosting this at their offices.  You can find further details and RSVP to the event at http://facebookmicrosofthack.splashthat.com