Notable Apps in 2013 – Part 3 of 3

Finally, I wanted to share some of my favorite entertainment apps.  There are a number of ways to get your favorite movies, music and more.  Getting your entertainment where you want it and when you want it is really important to people everywhere and these apps make sure that you are only a click, touch or swipe away from your favorite content.


Shazam – Windows 8Windows Phone

A useful tool for identifying the name of that song that’s been stuck in your head, Shazam uses your device’s microphone to recognize the music and media (think TV and ads) playing around you.  By tapping the Shazam button you can instantly tag, and with Live Tiles you can discover the most popular tags in your area.  If you haven’t already discovered Shazam, soon you’ll understand why you’re seeing so many people holding their phones up to the music.

TuneIn Radio – Windows 8Windows Phone

You’re sure to find something you like in TuneIn Radio’s database of more than 70,000 stations.  You can listen to radio from all over the world.  Browse by category, or search for a local station and easily access your finds later from your list for favorites.



Videos and Media


Netflix – Windows 8Windows Phone

Netflix’s huge library of movies and television shows at your fingertips!  Some thoughtful touches make this a great app experience – In the Windows 8 app, while browsing the catalog you can pinch your fingers to zoom out and see more, and both versions of the app have been optimized for long-lasting battery performance.

Hulu Plus – Windows 8Windows Phone

One of the most popular streaming video services on the web, the Hulu Plus app makes your subscription even more powerful.

Redbox – Windows 8Windows Phone

All the Redbox units you see in your neighborhood are wired, allowing you to find a box near you and look to see what’s inside for rent and then easily reserve it right from your device. 

Xbox SmartGlass

Xbox 360 – Windows 8Windows Phone

Xbox One – Windows 8Windows Phone

Hard to categorize, Xbox SmartGlass is touted as the perfect companion for your Xbox, the SmartGlass app really delivers.  You can control playback of music and videos on your Xbox using this app’s touch controls, you’re device becomes a second screen for your Xbox.  Searching the Xbox catalog is easy, and if you’re using an Xbox One you can enhance your experience with SmartGlass companions – providing rich experiences related to what you’re viewing on TV.

I’m excited to see what’s around the corner in 2014. Thanks for a year of great apps!