Notable Apps in 2013 – Part 2 of 3

Today, I split my time between Games and Social apps.  I’ll share some great social apps below, but I wanted to start with games, because there’s really a game for everyone’s taste.  Of course, games are the reason devices can be so much fun.  This year my family and I spent some time kicking back with these games.  Once you start playing some of them, you’ll start wondering where all the time went.  If you haven’t been sucked into these games yet, beware, they are a lot of fun and quite addicting!


Hill Climb Racing – Windows 8

It seems like it’s going to be so easy when you pick it up, but Hill Climb Racing becomes addictive and soon you might find a smile on your face as you drive along as Newton Bill and collect coins to upgrade your ride.  I personally unlocked the hovercraft after juicing up the standard truck and the Roller Coaster track is my favorite, although I get most of my points on the Moon track.

Catan – Windows 8

The Settlers of Catan board game is a classic, and this game brings the fun into the Windows interface.  Multiple players are supported on the same device, so if you are somewhere without the board game you can play with friends in person.  You start out in the wilderness as a settler, building trading outposts to gather resources and build defenses, competing against up to four players, just like the classic.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush – Windows 8Windows Phone

Playing a Minion is a heart-lifting ride.  Compete with others in this fast-paced game, you’ll fight through challenges to impress the boss.  It’s a fun ride, unpredictable and light.  Of course, not to mention, the Despicable Me movies are pretty fun.

Where’s My Water: 2 – Windows 8Windows Phone

From the sewer, to the soap factory, to the beach – we’ve enjoyed helping Swampy and friends on their adventures through this physics-based game.

Lego Hero Factory Brain Attack – Windows 8Windows Phone

Makuhero City requires a defender, will you answer the call?  Collect medals and defeat enemies with the help of your trusty sidekick.  This game is aimed at a young audience, so it isn’t very challenging – but it is an enjoyable way to kick back and lose yourself in a game.

Halo: Spartan Assault – Windows 8Windows Phone

This groundbreaking game brings the world of Halo to touch-based devices for the first time, and impressively delivers a great gaming experience.  In single-player mode you can go back-and-forth between Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices battling through 30 missions against the Covenant in a brand new Halo story, and see the rise of Sarah Palin, in this episode set before the events of Halo 4. 





Facebook – Windows 8Windows Phone

The Facebook app is modern, fluid, and easy to move through. 

Skype – Windows 8Windows Phone

Skype lets me connect with my family from wherever I am, face-to-face, or leave them a video message. The Skype app snaps beautifully to the side so I can chat with colleagues, or view a video while continuing on with what I was doing in another app.  Skype can run in the background so you won’t miss important calls, it even works when your PC is locked or the app is closed!

Twitter – Windows 8Windows Phone

The Windows 8.1 version allows you to scroll horizontally through Discover stories, and the affect is striking and collage-like.  Connect and Discover tabs make it easy to search the app With Snap view, Twitter can snap to a narrow side of the screen while you use another app.  This feature is especially useful when watching a live broadcast and tweeting during the video, without missing any of it!

Foursquare – Windows 8Windows Phone

The Windows 8 Foursquare app provides a striking visual experience, really bringing to life the countless user photos uploaded at check-ins around the world.  The interface makes for a fun way to travel from wherever you are – placing yourself in the shoes of others – and also scope out restaurants, tourist attractions and more before you visit.


Viber – Free Phone Calls & Text – Windows 8Windows Phone

Viber is a service that provides free texts, calls, and photo and video messages to over 200 million users worldwide.  Viber works on all your devices so you can stay connected at home, at the office, or wherever you are with easy to manage groups, Live Tile notifications, and lock screen notifications.  When you first install the app on your phone (Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, or Blackberry) and it automatically syncs your mobile contact list and detects your contacts also using Viber.