A first for the movie industry, a first for Silverlight

While it might be hard to believe that Silverlight has only been on the market since September and it is already being used to stream the first ever studio-backed full-length feature film – Jackass 2.5.  For those of you 17 or older, you can see the movie beginning December 19th – December 31st, 2007 at Blockbuster. We partnered with Limelight Networks on this project and the combination of their content delivery network and Silverlight brings the movie theater to you anywhere you are.  Designers and developers out there constantly amaze me with all of the cool things they are doing with Silverlight as a development platform including things like Ice Cube’s internet TV.   And, I am constantly amazed that people like Johnny Knoxville think they can play rugby.  Check out my favorite Jackass moment…..