The End is Near…

Or at least the end of the year, which for me means time with the family and friends.  I hope everyone has a quiet and relaxing holiday and uses technology for fun and relaxation and not solving “real world” problems J   There have been some posts recently around the enterprise computing side of the house… Read more

A first for the movie industry, a first for Silverlight

While it might be hard to believe that Silverlight has only been on the market since September and it is already being used to stream the first ever studio-backed full-length feature film – Jackass 2.5.  For those of you 17 or older, you can see the movie beginning December 19th – December 31st, 2007 at… Read more

MSDN Online Community Content

Check out Soma’s blog entry about the Community Content feature in the MSDN Online Library. This feature came online one year ago and now it has been extended to over 3.3 million topics of documentation, covering 8 languages, in the MSDN and TechNet online libraries. … Read more

Investments for data-centric applications and services

I’m really excited about a couple of great new products to help developers be more productive in their day-to-day lives: the Entity Framework Beta 3 and the ASP.NET Extensions Preview.   With today’s Beta 3 release of the ADO.NET Entity Framework, we are providing a platform for developers to use LINQ against any back end… Read more

Are There Really Any “Web Developers"

Seems like a strange question, but it’s been a topic of discussion in different forms within Microsoft recently.  It might not be as much fun as trying to make them a unique audience, but it might be a more realistic view of the fact that the web has permeated development to the point where it’s no… Read more

The Data Platform One-Stop Shop

You’ve heard me talk numerous times about the data management capability investment area of our Application Platform. We are gaining momentum in this space and the SQL Server team just launched a new blog – The Data Platform Insider blog – which looks to be a place for everything related to this capability.  In their… Read more