Time for a little R & R

It’s the day before a major U.S. holiday “Thanksgiving” so with luck things will be quiet for a few days.  For those of you celebrating the holiday I wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving” and just a great day to everyone else.  I’ll be out the next few days enjoying time with my family and friends.   Back to work on Monday but for now a few quiet days off.  Lots of things to look forward to in the coming month including a variety of developer-oriented conferences.  I’ll leave you with a message from the Office team for one of the larger ones as I head out.

2008 Microsoft Office Developer Conference

The 2008 Office Developer Conference promises to be a ground-breaking event as it’s the first time it will be open to the public. The conference promises to be especially exciting as we are riding the momentum of the 2007 Microsoft® Office system launch, and there is tremendous interest in our Office Business Applications (OBA) strategy. Even BillG will be there, delivering a special keynote presentation!  www.odc2008.com

When: February 10-13, 2008

Where: San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA