Innovating on Web Capabilities

Microsoft has continued to innovate on its Web development capabilities, one of the five core capabilities in our Application Platform portfolio, to better align with our customers’ business needs. Some of the products in this area are Silverlight, .NET Framework, ASP .NET and others.  Check out Scott Guthrie and Soma’s blogs yesterday for the latest… Read more

Making TV on the Web

I spent several years in the early 2000’s working on Microsoft’s overall TV strategy in line with our acquisition of WebTV, the early hype on HDTV (which finally works), “Interactive” TV and other incarnations of how digital technology would impact television.  Of course the impact and change is ongoing with everything from the programming to… Read more

Time for a little R & R

It’s the day before a major U.S. holiday “Thanksgiving” so with luck things will be quiet for a few days.  For those of you celebrating the holiday I wish you a “Happy Thanksgiving” and just a great day to everyone else.  I’ll be out the next few days enjoying time with my family and friends.  … Read more

Developers Over Hype, Users

At Microsoft we’ve always recognized that developers are essential to the success of our business. Steve Ballmer’s assertion about our commitment to developers is rather famous. So I when I read a recent poll from GigaOm that asked: “Technology platform vendors need users, developers, and hype — that’s clear. But which is most important?”  I… Read more

Guest Blogger: Ted Kummert

Today we have a guest blogger to share what’s going on in the SQL Server world— Ted Kummert, Corporate Vice President for the Data and Storage Platform Division.   Steve, thanks for the invitation to guest blog. This is great timing because we have a lot of really exciting momentum for SQL Server that I’d… Read more

TechNet & MSDN Revamped

We are doing some really exciting things to provide more access to Microsoft for developers and IT Pros.  Here is an update from the folks on the TechNet and MSDN teams….. Exciting news today about the revamp of the MSDN and TechNet communities for developers and IT Pros. TechNet and MSDN ( and… Read more

Viva Las Vegas

I just got back from a great weekend in Vegas.  I was there to give the opening keynote for DevConnections, a premier event for Microsoft developers, Database administrators, and IT Professionals.  Of course in Vegas there is always more than one show going on so in this case we were sharing the town with the… Read more

A Method to the Madness

I hear from press, analyst, customers, partners, and even friends that Microsoft can be a bit noisy in the  marketplace with product launches, betas, CTPs, RCs, etc. and sometimes it’s hard to make sense of it all.  We understand and do in fact  put a lot of products into the marketplace and don’t always do… Read more