Tester Center Live

There is always something new going on with the web and how we connect with customers and this week is no exception with the release of the Tester Center Website (http://msdn.com/testercenter) at this year’s StarWest conference.   For many years, Microsoft has recognized that software testing and quality assurance is an integral part of the application lifecycle. Tester Center is an effort to help grow the global community of testers and to communicate our thought leadership and expertise in the software testing market. With this site we want to share what we know, but more importantly we want to get feedback from the general testing community, and leverage the collective knowledge of the community for everyone’s benefit.  This effort is meant to build on the work we’ve been doing with developers for many years now.


I encourage you to visit the site and join the budding community of testers to help make our effort a success by forwarding the link to the testers in your world. Also, you can share your ideas, experiences, content, and blogs by emailing tcsubmit@microsoft.com for publication on this site.