It Does Rain in Seattle

People ask if it really rains in Seattle as much as they hear it does.   The truth is it doesn’t really rain as much as people think it does, but it is definitely gray more often than they might assume. What I don’t think people realize is that when it rains here it’s pervasive and there is no place to hide.  In fact when it “pours” it pours everywhere and there is no hiding.  Suffice to say we had a few work from home days in our hall, and the dryers keep it nice and warm.  However, we are lucky that a little flooding was all we experienced.  We are thinking about those of you in the SoCal area that are having to evacuate your homes due to the wildfires.  Hope the weekend was good, on this end the Seahawks won, the Huskies lost and South Africa won so a mixed bag all around.