Customer Visits and Conversations

The last few weeks have been pretty busy with customer visits and talks.  The breadth of the conversation is extremely vast and heads along a few paths.  One path is a conversation on technology trends and areas of investment for the industry and the company.  These range from virtualization, to services (software services as opposed to consulting services), to business processes and modeling to user experience and more.  The other path being along more traditional platform conversations and the mapping of technology to business challenges.  In both instances the connection between the core infrastructure and the application platform is of keen interest, and how the bridges between the Business and IT, IT and Development, and the Development and the Data Center are made stronger is another key conversation.  While we have more options and tools to enable agility and flexibility these come at the cost of more complexity.  So we have to develop solutions that look across the entire application lifecycle and how we connect business, development and IT together in order to make significant gains based on new technologies, versus creating a further quagmire to wade through.   


From the Microsoft standpoint we are making significant investments in each of these areas and working to insure that individual products and technologies are built with the total solution in mind so we can build, run and manage applications (and our environments) in a more agile and cost effective way over time.   There is a lot of depth in any one of these conversations so maybe I’ll start tackling them as we go forward


Big game for the Seahawks this weekend and some good rugby going on with the Rugby World Cup 2007.  If you want a fun site for rugby content check out  Next week I’ve got some more customer and partner visits in the US and Europe so looking forward to further discussions to see what’s people are thinking about as we come out of summer and into fall.  I want to thanks the folks on my team for the nice comments J