Save a Document Library as a Template

note this is a repost, because the images didn’t go through the first time.

I was recently asked by a customer how to create a library or sites as a template so that you can reproduce them for a bunch of similar activities. Here is how to create a document library as a template. This can be done with all libraries, I just used the example of a document library in this instance.

Build the library in the fashion that you would like and then go to the library settings and select -> save document library as template


Which gives you the ability to save the basic structure and the content that is associated with the library. Note the include content checkbox.


Which will give you the following screen, noting that you have completed the task.


Return to the menu that creates libraries and the sample library becomes a template that you can choose from.


BTW, in SharePoint 2010 we introduce the ribbon as a way of surfacing features in SharePoint, it becomes a lot easier to work with the features in the libraries.


Comments (3)

  1. m0nal1sa says:

    what permission is needed to do this? I currently have Design. Do I need Full Control?

  2. BlueSky2010 says:

    Thanks Steven for the post. Please note System Libraries won't have 'save document library as template' link. BUT there is a workaround –…/save-library-as-template-link-is.html

    Hope this would help someone!

  3. SamolPP says:


    If I save document lib as a template  with folders, and when I create a new doc.lib based on this template,  it didnt show with folder structure.

    may i know why this happens

    am using SP 2013

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