Asynchronous vs Concurrent – What it means in plain English

I often work with novice developers who are just learning or getting the hang of application development. One thing I notice time and time again is that there is this slight confusion between the concepts of asynchronousness and concurrency. Although the two are similar and overlap there are some key differences that anyone writing apps…

Continuous Delivery in Minutes with Node.js, Grunt, Mocha and Git

Modern application development now’a’days demands a rigorous continuous deliver mechanism. This is especially true when it comes to the cloud. You want to be able to get through the Build -> Measure -> Learn cycle as fast as possible. With cloud services, you can quickly create mechanisms to build, test and deploy your development team’s code. You…

Building Hyper Scalable Web APIs Right in Your Browser — Fast!

You find yourself at a hackathon and you need a backend for your web/native app, and you need to build a good one FAST. Use this guide to get you up and going developing and deploying your backend, in your browser so you can win at your next hackathon. This lab works for any computer and…

A Stroll Through Node: Creating a Facial Recognition App via 3rd Party APIs

This is the final post in the series, ‘A Stroll Through Node’. Often times we want to bring in some cool functionality to our apps, but we don’t have the time or resources to implement those things. Facial recgontion is an interesting functionality that could require some work to get right. However, with 3rd Party API’s we…

Video: SmartDoor, the World’s first Cloud-connected DoorBell

SmartDoor is a raspberry pi device, attached to a camera and a doorbell. I created it using Azure Mobile Services using Node.js and its running C# with mono on the device. The project utilizes Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) from Azure including Blob Storage, Service Bus Queues and Notification Hubs. This can be thought of an ‘Internet of…

A Stroll Through Node: Building a Real-time Communication App

Real-time communication is an exciting area of web development which utilizes a fairly young technology called Web Sockets. Web Sockets allow for direct communication from your client, often times a web browser to the server. Unlike HTTP, Web Sockets are real-time, that is the browser does not need to establish a connection for every message…

A Stroll Through Node: Building a Recipes Website with Express, Jade and Bootstrap

Ever wanted to create a real website but don’t know anything about back-end programming? Are you still writing websites with raw HTML files? Try this guide out which uses the Express Web (3.x) framework, Jade HTML templates and Twitter-Bootstrap to make a Simple (and delicious) recipes website.


A Stroll Through Node: Introduction

This is the first part of the Node.js Introductory series, A Stroll Through Node. This walkthrough gets you started with the most basic Node.js server and the basics of Node’s asynchronous programming behavior. Continue to my blog to read the full walk-through.

A Stroll Through Node – Series

Ever wanted to learn Node.js but not really familiar with it, or web development in general? Take a peek through my series, A Stroll Through Node, which explains Node.js and express websites from the ground up. 

When Sublime ain’t going to cut it: Visual Studio tools for Node.js

Have you taken a serious look at Visual Studio for your node.js development yet? Checkout this post that takes a look at the advantages of the Visual Studio tools for Node.js in comparison to Sublime and node-debug.