How to: Schedule Azure VM Shutdown based on CPU, Disk, Network Usage

In my previous post, I talked about how you can schedule Azure VMs to shutdown based on times of the day or week with a 3rd party service called VMPower. However you may also want to shutdown your VMs based on cpu, disk or network utilization. This is useful for things such as machines that users regularly…

How to: Schedule Azure VM Startup and Shutdown

As you might know, Azure VMs cost money per hour when they are on. Have you ever wanted to shutdown or startup Azure VMs automatically? You could do it using Azure Automation service in about 28 easy steps by writing a script. Or you could simply use VMPower, a service that I stumbled upon which makes the…

DevCast: Target People – Not Devices with Cross Platform Notifications (Andriod)

Quit tracking platform device-specific tokens in your database and quickly send mega scalable push notifications to relevant users with ease. Checkout my blog post on leveraging the Azure Notification Hub to send notifications to the right users without a database no matter what platform their device is on.

Azure Mobile & MongoDB? : It’s like Peanut Butter & Jelly!

Are you interested in using MongoDB, the popular NoSQL document oriented database solution with the power of Azure Mobile Services?   Checkout my blog post that shows how to easily add MongoDB as your storage solution for your mobile backend for your iOS/Windows/Andriod apps.