DevCast: Target People – Not Devices with Cross Platform Notifications (Andriod)

Quit tracking platform device-specific tokens in your database and quickly send mega scalable push notifications to relevant users with ease. Checkout my blog post on leveraging the Azure Notification Hub to send notifications to the right users without a database no matter what platform their device is on.

DevCast: Target people – not devices with Cross-Platform Notifications (iOS)

In this DevCast we’ll go over what Notification Hubs are and how you can easily leverage them to send push notifications across potentially millions of Android iOS and Windows devices. Even more powerful is the ability to ‘tag’ devices and quickly create associations between people and things with devices at scale and without a database….

Azure Mobile & MongoDB? : It’s like Peanut Butter & Jelly!

Are you interested in using MongoDB, the popular NoSQL document oriented database solution with the power of Azure Mobile Services?   Checkout my blog post that shows how to easily add MongoDB as your storage solution for your mobile backend for your iOS/Windows/Andriod apps.