Mocking Ember Services for Unit Testing

Let’s be honest. Testing is not sexy. To be honest I think this is about as sexy testing is going to get. So let’s just get it over with  We’re working slowly but surely on a cross-platform azure storage explorer in order to manipulate azure blobs and soon tables and queues. Continue reading here.

Running Ember Test Automation in Node Webkit (Nwjs)

Recently last month my buddy Felix and I decided to start working on a project to bring functionality of the windows-only azure storage explorer to a cross platform implementation that will work on any operating system. Continue reading here.

Get SSL on Your Deis Cluster for FREE with Cloudflare is actually running on a deis cluster within Azure. If you notice our dashboard application in Deis actually supports SSL and this was really easy to do. All you really need to do is provide it with a wildcard ssl certificate (so that all your apps running on deis get https). Continue reading here.