A Stroll Through Node: Building a Recipes Website with Express, Jade and Bootstrap

Ever wanted to create a real website but don’t know anything about back-end programming? Are you still writing websites with raw HTML files? Try this guide out which uses the Express Web (3.x) framework, Jade HTML templates and Twitter-Bootstrap to make a Simple (and delicious) recipes website.

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  1. gduncan411 says:

    Just an FYI that the link is a little borked. It's pointing to a Preview link which is not open for everyone.

    Current Link: stevenedouard.com/stroll-node-building-recipe-website-express-jade-bootstrap

    "Good"/working link: stevenedouard.com/stroll-node-building-recipe-website-express-jade-bootstrap

  2. Woops I didn't see that. Thank you Greg!

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