API usability talk available on MSDN from tomorrow

The API usability portion of the Designing .NET Class Libraries class will be available from tomorrow. Apologies in advance if my Scottish accent makes it difficult to understand me! Let me know if there is anything that I need to translate...

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  1. Meeting says:

    Less talky talky, more worky worky please.

  2. Anon... says:

    link.expose(); // 🙂

  3. Sean Chase says:

    It’s not on the list yet. 🙁

  4. Sorry folks, I’m trying to find out what the problem is at the moment. Hopefully the link will be up soon.

  5. I’m not surprised, they have been late posting all the previous links.

  6. Chris Haas says:

    I was hoping to watch this one this weekend, hope it comes soon!

  7. Well, it’s up now, and it was very nice.

    Would love to see more examples of poor vs good api design. (I’m a learn-by-example kinda guy).

    Ah, and one thing that I would love to see a comment from you on is Factory/Builder patterns. In the talk you mention that requiring Factory can be a barrier to certain learning strategies. We tend to require use Factory extensively in order to support configurability, so I’m kinda curious as to how worried I should be.

    (Probably not very worried – since we have much bigger fish to worry about in our APIs)

  8. Good material for a good series of talks!

    Only one suggestion… I found the CD concept impressive and would have enjoyed seeing a case study from one of your team’s assignments.

    BTW, I know from experience much of what you recommend is true. Just wish I’d heard your talk several years ago. 🙂

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