Visual Studio Code: Bringing UX and engineering together

I gave one of the short talks last night at UX Glasgow ( I really enjoyed listening to the other talks and Bobby King’s wearables exercise was great fun too. It was a great way to interact with other people at the event and was refreshingly different. Last night I talked a little bit about…


Do you want a sneak peek at some ideas we’re working on?

Then please sign up to participate in a user experience study I’ll be running from the Edinburgh office next week. On Tuesday 31st July through to Thursday August 2nd, I’m looking for five JavaScript developers who can come in to the Microsoft office in Edinburgh, Scotland to put some prototypes we’re working on through their…

Upcoming developer events in Edinburgh

There are a couple of great developer events coming up in Edinburgh. Along with my colleagues I’ve helped to design the user experiences around our Windows 8 and ALM tools. I’ll be attending both events and would love to hear your feedback about what we’ve done in Visual Studio 11.   Windows 8 For Application…

Free Windows Azure bootcamp in Edinburgh

Sign up now for a free day of training on Azure this Friday 11th November: Did I mention it’s free? You even get a special free pass for an Azure subscription that will let you do the training even if you don’t already have an Azure account. It’s free training, with a free Azure…

Scott Hanselman demo’s the preview tab and solution explorer at DevReach

Scott Hanselman does a demo of the preview tab and solution explorer at DevReach 2011: Start watching around 27:21 if you want to jump quickly to the preview tab and solution explorer stuff. It’s an entertaining and incredibly informative talk all the way from start to end though so you might want to watch all…

A Morning With Microsoft

We’re running an event in conjunction with Scottish Developers this Friday. A Morning With Microsoft is a chance to learn more about Azure and how we design Visual Studio. Sign up at:

New features for the next release of Visual Studio

One of the new features of Visual Studio that Cameron Skinner demonstrated at Tech Ed recently was the provisional tab. This is a feature that I’ve been working on for a couple of years so I’m delighted to see it in the product. Some of you might remember taking part in a usability study a few…

New blog: It will never work in theory

Greg Wilson and Jorge Aranda have started a new blog which aims to be a bridge between researchers who study how software development happens and the practitioners who do software development. Sounds really interesting.

Edinburgh UX book club

Kudos to Ryan Sackett at Precedent for setting up the Edinburgh UX book club. I went along to the first meetup last night and thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. We discussed the book ‘Undercover User Experience Design’. It was a great discussion, and it was also great to meet up with other UX folks in Edinburgh….

It’s like trying to name your baby

Well, not really, but…one of the things that I remember from a microprocessor technology course I took about twenty years ago while at Uni was the lecturer who said that one of the hardest things about writing C code that targets some little itty bitty 8 bit microprocessor, running remotely on a different board, was naming your functions….