Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) changes for Windows Server

Summary for the Service Provider IT Professionals / Procurement Officers who are desperately late for a meeting and spilling coffee as they run down the hall… There are some pricing changes for Windows Server in SPLA that take effect January 1st.  This does not affect the pricing in the other volume licensing programs.  If you…


Microsoft Keynoting at JavaOne…That Just Happened!

While the idea of Microsoft giving a keynote address at JavaOne – the Java community’s biggest conference of the year – has probably raised a few eyebrows, it really shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise at this point. Not only have we been involved in JavaOne for the past few years, you’ve also…


Azure Dev Challenge Questions Tackled

Last month Microsoft announced its first-ever Azure Developer Challenge. Since then, we’ve received strong interest and several questions about the competition.   The question I most frequently receive is, “Why is the Azure Dev Challenge open to US residents only?” I am pleased to announce that starting today the Azure Developer Challenge is open to…


Two flavors of cloud computing – Public and Private

Six years ago we announced a multi-year, multi-product vision for the Enterprise which we called Dynamic IT.  The principles were simple – virtualization, model driven, services oriented and user centric.  Shortly thereafter, we began to conceptualize a services-based offering in the cloud which culminated in our Azure Services Platform announcement last October.  These two initiatives…


Walking the Walk – the Cloud and Standards

Earlier today, the DMTF announced the creation of the “Open Standards Cloud Incubator” group which will specifically focus on developing a set of informational specifications for cloud resource management.  This is one of what will probably be a number of important efforts to drive additional value and choice for customers.  This particular effort may catch…


.NET Services – Cloud Interoperability

Speaking of standards – I’m thrilled to report that we will release the “M5” (Milestone 5) CTP (Community Technology Preview – think Beta) for .NET Services (part of the Azure Services Platform) tomorrow!  For those who aren’t familiar with this effort, here’s the primer… Almost two years ago, we introduced these services – Service Bus…


Moving beyond the “Manifesto”

As you might expect, several of us spent most of Thursday and Friday last week in conversations with developers, standards body members and other vendors regarding open standards for cloud computing and how we get there collaboratively. Being in this industry for so many years, I remember a time when new technologies and platforms did…


MIX 09 – Return on Experience

Posting from The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas where I’m taking part in Microsoft’s 4th annual MIX event, where the crowd is a sea of red… red shirts that is, in honor of Scott Guthrie’s style.   Looking around I see a diverse group of web designers and developers eager to learn how businesses can…


Bring back the red shirt

Sign the petition here! See you at Mix.  


Web Computing – Premsises, Hosting and Cloud

I had the privilege of talking to a number of customers, members of the community and reporters last week about our web / cloud technologies.  In those conversations, a few things became clear.  First, there is a ton of interest (in general) about cloud computing with folks wanting to understand what it is and how…