The Web Platform

At MIX we unveiled the Web Platform Installer (PI) 2.0 Beta. The WebPI combined with the work we have done on the Web App Gallery is a significant step forward in helping customers build and deploy Web applications and sites. For developers, this means they can easily build and promote their free applications to millions of customers worldwideI spent some time with Michael Cote of Redmonk talking about our Web Platform in this video which also includes a smart observation from Michael on components of this platform evolving into runtimes, where customers can choose .NET-based or non-Microsoft languages to construct versatile, interoperable solutions. I thought that was a really interesting way to look at it.


For those who haven’t had a chance to look at it, check this out.  To date, we have had over 200,000 downloads of WebPI with over 1 million Express Product Installs, which is a real testament to the value that customers are finding in having a one stop shop to get Microsoft’s full Web Platform stack. As always, tell us what you think...

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