Ring in the New Year with the SOA & Business Process Conference – goes great with Eggnog…

We had our first real snow last week which means that ski season is finally upon us and everyone in Seattle must relearn how to drive in slightly awkward conditions (again). This is a great time of year as work tends to slow a bit, winter sports heat up and you can still log plenty of miles on the bike as long as you pay attention to the drivers on the bottom of the learning curve.  While 2008 is a year that few are likely to forget, most people are already getting ready for 2009. With the new year coming there is one more thing I am excited about – and that’s the upcoming SOA and Business Process Conference on January 28-29, 2009. 


Given the current economic environment, we know that many of our partners and customers are cutting back on travel. Thus, we are trying out a completely different format –we are still holding an event in Redmond (dates mentioned above) though the format will be a new, concentrated, two-day version that will provide our customers and partners with the most relevant information possible. We’re also taking the conference on the road.  Some of you have already attended events scattered around the globe.   Why are we doing this?  First and foremost, a geographically distributed schedule allows us to interact with far more people.  Second, making the event itself more specific will maximize time for those who make the investment to come.


During the conference, attendees will see and hear how customers and partners are using real-world SOA to drive business results, and will also have the opportunity to hear from customers and partners who’ve successfully implemented real-world SOA solutions, Microsoft execs and Gartner analyst Nick Gall on maximizing current SOA investments. For those of you who can’t make it out, we’re planning  to provide new SOA and BPM content via the web toward the end of February.


Feel free to visit our site to see the full session list and other information. Hope to see you all there.

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