PDC Day 2 – "M" Under OSP, "Lap Around Oslo" & More Services

Day 2 of PDC started off with another fantastic keynote address, thanks to Ray Ozzie, Steve Sinofsky, Scott Guthrie, and David Treadwell. They gave some additional details about Windows 7 as a platform for developers, and then passed the torch to Chris Anderson and Don Box for a live coding session. Of course this was very popular, as the pair demonstrated how a developer could build an application and deploy it to the cloud, using Azure Service Platform, including Windows Azure, SQL Services and .NET Services.


We’ve also continued the drumbeat of education on Oslo today. Doug Purdy and Vijaye Raji presented to a packed house their “Lap Around Oslo” session this afternoon. This was the first public demo of the Oslo components, including the “M” language, “Quadrant” visual toolset and repository. Judging from the enthusiastic response of the audience, the initial impression was great.  Doug also talked about a few very important next steps for attendees and those interested in Oslo: learn more here at the show, download the CTPs or Oslo SDK and check out the new resources at the Dev Center and GIVE US YOUR FEEDBACK. At this stage, we’re proud to have delivered on our commitment to come to PDC with code, and it’s all about refining it based on the needs and thoughts of developers.


Doug also officially announced some news today—we’re proud to be including the “M” language under the Open Specification Promise. Placing “M” under the OSP makes it possible for third parties, including open source projects, to build implementations of "M" for other runtimes, services, applications and operating systems. 


So once again, please check it out, and give us your feedback!

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  1. Another rollup post from trusted folks… Update 10/29 A whole boatload more links!! Keynote/Windows

  2. I have talked a little bit about Oslo in the past ( Oslo Sneak Peak ) but not too much given the launch

  3. Another rollup post from trusted folks… Update 10/29 A whole boatload more links!! Keynote/Windows 7 Paul Gielens – PDC08 Keynote Day 2 Engineering Windows 7 Blog Matt Milner – PDC Keynote Day 2: Windows 7 Vista Team Blog – Post PDC Keynote : What Are

  4. Last Friday we spent time talking about Oslo , which included a drill into “M” and demos. Doug Purdy

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