Video Clip on Convergence – SaaS, SOA, Virtualization, Modeling

As I have written previously, convergence is a major theme in distributed computing.  Darryl Taft (eWeek) recently wrote an article on the topic which was followed up by an article by Loraine Lawson (IT Business Edge).  At Tech Ed, I did a quick video to talk about convergence and what it will mean for distributed computing and the role Modeling will play moving forward.  Here’s a snip from my previous posting, if it’s interesting, check out the video.


Looking into the future, we see a perfect storm of productivity and application richness brewing. Specifically, SOA, SaaS, Application Virtualization and Modeling will collide and spark a wave of application creation that we haven’t seen since Al Gore invented the Internet. Let me paint you a picture - developers will compose business critical applications from services they didn’t author, run them in datacenters they don’t own, manage them at a policy level, and pay for them by the drink.

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