The legend of Zorro continues?

Possibly the funniest thing I have seen on a blog in a while...

 Let the speculation begin!


Hi. This is Zorro, and I joined Microsoft. Why am I blogging? It is a condition of my parole. Obviously, this needs explanation.

I have had a little trouble finding my way since the Spanish colonial control over California ended. I like fighting oppression, but had trouble finding something to sink my sword into. This doesn’t mean there weren’t worthy causes. My problem was that the authorities had developed better firearms. A rapier might work against a musket, but taking on a Glock is bad idea.

Eventually, I went to a Red Sox – Yankees baseball game, and this really interested me. I used to go to ballgames all the time, but things went horribly wrong one day at Yankee Stadium. A few of the Yankee fans were ridiculing some Red Sox fans. This was the 200th time I had seen this happen. The Sox gave a lot of opportunities for Yankee fans to tease Sox fans.

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