BizTalk Server 2006 Professionals’ Book available soon!

In addition to his day job as Principal Consultant in the Microsoft Professional Services organization, Darren Jefford and his colleagues (Kevin Smith & Ewan Fairweather) have managed to find the time to publish an exhaustive book on BizTalk Server 2006.

Patric McElroy, Product Unit Manager for BizTalk Server wrote the forward:

 “This book is an indispensable resource for solution architects and developers who want to dig deeper into BizTalk. It is valuable material that has been written by insiders with deep experience in architecting and delivering solutions for our most demanding enterprise customers.”
—Patric McElroy, Product Unit Manager, BizTalk Server, Microsoft Corporation

Yossi Dahan was a key reviewer on the book and provided a comment on the back cover: 

“This book provides a fantastic insight into the inner workings of BizTalk, making it an invaluable resource for all those things you would otherwise never know. As you learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ from these experienced engineers, you quickly realize why everyone who has anything to do with BizTalk simply MUST read this book.”
—Yossi Dahan, Managing Consultant, Sabra Ltd.

More information on the book:

This book provides insight into how industry experts have successfully architected, developed, and maintained Microsoft BizTalk Server in mission-critical environments. Authored by highly-regarded consultants with a wealth of knowledge on designing, building, and operating enterprise applications using BizTalk, this comprehensive guide gives you the techniques and best practices you’ll need to develop effective projects.

Darren Jefford is a Principal Consultant with the Microsoft UK Application Development Consulting (ADC) team who has extensive real-world experience with BizTalk Server and the broader Microsoft platform. Kevin B. Smith formerly worked as a Technical Lead Software Design Engineer for the BizTalk Server Product Team and helped ship three versions of BizTalk Server. Ewan Fairweather works as a Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft, providing onsite support to enterprise customers, including maintaining and optimizing their BizTalk Server solutions.

Architects, developers, testers, and administrators will achieve instant success when they apply the deep technical information covered in this book. They will better appreciate the internal workings of BizTalk Server and will understand detailed solutions for challenges often experienced with BizTalk-based systems.

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