Source Code Technology Holdings announces Beta of BlackPearl

Next week, March 26th to be precise, one of our partners in the Business Process Alliance will release a major update to their product line.  Source Code Technology Holdings will release a Beta version of their K2 product code-named “Black Pearl”.  They have been a Microsoft partner since 2005 and have successfully deployed their K2.NET product in hundreds of accounts. Personally, I like the Black Pearl name – maybe if we blog it enough it will stick. The company has posted a preview of the new technology which gives an overview of the tools and a pointer to a download which will be available soon. 

BlackPearl is a huge step forward in the effort to take BPM technology mainstream. It’s built on the .NET Framework 3.0 and extensively leverages Windows Workflow Foundation which Microsoft uses extensively in SharePoint and other technologies. Customers will appreciate the ongoing commitment to ease of use and the alignment with other .NET technologies which will help reduce the cost, complexity and connectivity issues associated with BPM.




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