Datacenter Expansion and Capacity Planning

Update on recent developments regarding Windows Azure Datacenter Expansion and Capacity planning – here.    


Reduced Pricing on SQL Azure and New 100MB Database Option

Yesterday I posted a blog on the Windows Azure Blog announcing new pricing which will benefit both small and large SQL Azure DB customers. If you haven’t already, please check it out!


Virtualization – More Bang, Less Buck

Yesterday, David Greschler posted a bit on HyperV and System Center which referenced a recent InfoWorld article as well as a recent study from ESG on performance. Towards the end of Greschler’s post, he covered pricing which will be increasingly important as instances per server continue to grow. In a recent post, I wrote about…


Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) changes for Windows Server

Summary for the Service Provider IT Professionals / Procurement Officers who are desperately late for a meeting and spilling coffee as they run down the hall… There are some pricing changes for Windows Server in SPLA that take effect January 1st.  This does not affect the pricing in the other volume licensing programs.  If you…


Virtual Machine Meets Physical License – 3 Things you care about in the cloud

At the PDC, the volume of announcements on product updates, new offers and emerging technology can be so high that details can be easily lost.  While there are those who pride themselves on detecting every nuance, my guess is there are developers, customers and service providers looking for a little more information on what the…


Our offer still stands and you know where to find us…

I talked about the results of a benchmarking study performed by Greg Leake a couple months back on my blog. Greg took a hard look at Windows Server 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 in comparison to IBM’s Power6 and WebSphere 7 from both a cost and performance standpoint. The results  show that customers can…


Microsoft Keynoting at JavaOne…That Just Happened!

While the idea of Microsoft giving a keynote address at JavaOne – the Java community’s biggest conference of the year – has probably raised a few eyebrows, it really shouldn’t come as that big of a surprise at this point. Not only have we been involved in JavaOne for the past few years, you’ve also…


Azure Dev Challenge Questions Tackled

Last month Microsoft announced its first-ever Azure Developer Challenge. Since then, we’ve received strong interest and several questions about the competition.   The question I most frequently receive is, “Why is the Azure Dev Challenge open to US residents only?” I am pleased to announce that starting today the Azure Developer Challenge is open to…


TechEd USA 2009 wrap up

Friday concluded this year’s TechED: North America. We were delighted to have thousands of developers, IT professionals and technology decision makers in attendance, gaining insights into how to make their applications, infrastructures and businesses more innovative and cost effective. Both continue to be core priorities in today’s economy.   Bill Veghte announced the availability of…