Demos, Presentations, Links, Screencasts and Videos for SQL Server Compact

I often find it hard to find my own demos scattered throughout my blog, so figured I’d just create a single posting that had all my current demos and powerpoints. Recent Presentations at PDC and Tech Ed SQL Server Compact Overview (lots of demos with supporting slides)  This was a very demo heavy deck with…


Tech Ed EMEA 08 Powerpoints and Demos

Another great year in Barcelona.  In addition to the sessions below, we had several nights out on the town.  As usual, we had the Microsoft Regional Director get togethers.  It’s always interesting when you have social geeks out on the town.  Chris Menegay and I decided to make it a late night on Friday.  I had…


Heading to Tech Ed EMEA Barcelona

I always love going to Barcelona.  Sure, it’s a great city, and loved riding motorcycles into the mountains last year with my wife; but it’s just a great event to attend and present. It sort of like PDC and Tech Ed US wrapped into one event.  Anyway, I’ll be giving two presentations this year, and…


PDC 2008 – Embedding SQL Server Compact In Desktop And Device Applications

This week I presented a session on SQL Server Compact.  Video Recording of the session is here.  The session focused on 3 main topics: Why SQL Server Compact “changes the game” for how you might think about leveraging a database in your app Performance of SQL Server Compact Interesting scenarios you can use a local…


SQL Server Compact Books – now in Spanish

For our Spanish customers, Jose M. Torres just published a book covering SQL Server Compact for our Spanish customers.  Been a while since my Spanish was up to par, but Jose is one of our MVPs for device apps, so just gives him instant credibility in my book.  I’ll have to get a few copies…


Security and Encryption for SQL Server Compact

The nice thing about SQL Server Compact is the database can be treated as a document.  It’s a single file, it’s only “open” when being used and can use the standard set of security mechanisms that any other document can.  You can set ACLs on the files, and you can encrypt the file with the…


MSDN Webcast: Introducing SQL Server Compact 3.5

On Wednesday, Jan 16th ’08 from 9am-10am PST time, I’ll be doing an MSDN Live webcast covering an introduction to SQL Server Compact 3.5.  This will be my first public presentation of SQL Server Compact since we’ve shipped last November.  Working at Microsoft is interesting.  Because of the ship cycles, by the time we’ve shipped…


Connectivity Cross Version Compatibility of Merge Replication and SQL Server Compact

  We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding mixing versions of SQL Server and SQL Server Compact for Merge Replication.  Laxmi wrote a very extensive post explaining all the details here.  As noted, this is for Merge, not Sync Services, but has lots of useful details.  Steve


First look at the Visual Studio Orcas Sync Designer

Here’s part 1 of the new Sync Designer.  In this screen cast I walk through how to cache lookup tables locally.  In this screencast I use the 2 tier sync, starting simple.  In the next screencast I’ll show how to take the same designer, and split it across N tier to keep the intimate knowledge…


Additional Q&A on the Visual Studio Orcas Sync Designer

Q: Why does the Orcas Feb CTP Typed DataSet designer not work on Vista? A: Visual Studio Orcas is not yet fully compatible with Vista.  In the Feb CTP there are several issues with something we call “red bits”.  These are changes to the runtime that shipped in .NET 3.0 which shipped with Vista.  For…