Offline Microsoft Silverlight Applications

At Tech Ed US in Atlanta this week I presented a session for building Offline Silvelright Applications. The session covered an end to end solution for developing applications, building on the work we’ve done with relative Sync technologies, local storage and the common feedback we’ve head over the last several years of working on these…


Heading to Tech Ed to talk about Silverlight Offline Applications

Looking forward to a week with business like geeks, grounded in business, but finding a way to make technology meet their business needs. I’ll be around at the Silverlight booth (not quite booth babe, but I’ll try), and have a talk on Wednesday. Hope to see many people there and hear about what you’ve been…


Silverlight local databases, what do you use?

Completely acknowledging the lack of an integrated local database story with Silverlight, there are many solutions out there. Curious what you use, what you like, and what’s missing from your favorite solution.Since various solutions cover various options, also curious what scenarios your using your solution for.


Demos, Presentations, Links, Screencasts and Videos for SQL Server Compact

I often find it hard to find my own demos scattered throughout my blog, so figured I’d just create a single posting that had all my current demos and powerpoints. Recent Presentations at PDC and Tech Ed SQL Server Compact Overview (lots of demos with supporting slides)  This was a very demo heavy deck with…


Evolution or Revolution for moving to offline architectures

There’s been a lot of talk, momentum and questioning for where and how occasionally connected designs fit into the application landscape.  There have been a lot of questions for “if and how” developers can take their existing apps “offline”.  There have been a number of efforts for enabling offline apps and some longer term plans. …