VSLive 2015, Connected Services & Docker Tools for .NET Presentations

Last week, i had the opportunity to talk about Connected Services and Docker Tools for .NET  Thanks to Brian Randal for chairing VSLIve and the chance to talk about these two cool topics. The presentations are here: TH19 Docker for .NET Developers – What You Need to Know Docker has become one of the hottest topics for…


Connecting to Azure Storage with Visual Studio 2015 RC

To get a feel of the productivity we’re adding in Visual Studio 2015 for connecting to services, here’s the quick video for connecting to Azure Storage We’re finalizing the experience for Visual Studio 2015, and would like your feedback for how we can improve Connected Services, and specifically the Azure Storage connected service. You can…


Visual Studio 2015 Connected Services in 7 minutes

A quick overview in prep for //build & ignite https://channel9.msdn.com/Series/ConnectOn-Demand/227 With a message of retiring the “Can’t Touch This” style of coding.  Thanks to the MS Studios folks who took the extra effort to help put this together. Steve


//build session: On the Shoulders of Giants: Building Apps that Consume Modern SaaS Endpoints with Visual Studio 2015

Dave Carrol @DCarroll and I just finished presenting a session for consuming services using the new Add Connected Services experience in Visual Studio. For info on Connected Services: https://aka.ms/ConnectedServices General info  https://aka.ms/ConnectedServicesSDK for building a Connected Service I also want to take another chance to thank  Tanner Lindsay www.TannerLindsay.com and LANDESK www.LANDESK.com  for letting us talk to their…


Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and Salesforce Connected Services

Just a quick note that with the release of Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6, we’ve updated the Connected Service Provider for Salesforce. Since Preview, we’ve: Improved the OAuth refresh token code to support a pattern that should handle more issues with less code. We’ve been working with the Azure AD folks on this common pattern….