ACR Build (Preview) Now Supported In All Public Regions

ACR Build, a native container build capability of the Azure Container Registry is now available in all regions ACR is available. That’s 23 regions worldwide as of July 23rd 2018. ACR Build enables network close builds, alongside your container registry. While docker has an efficient image layering scheme, image layers can grow in size. Reducing the…


Key Differences between VM and Container Vulnerability Scanning

As we explore the various options for integrating vulnerability scanning into containers running in Azure, we encountered many different approaches and requests. I was initially writing a document for internal discussions, outlining some of our internal goals for how we want to think about container security, and why we might take one approach or another….


How ACR Build Id’s are generated

As you use ACR Build, for OS & Framework patching, native container builds, or validating a docker build without having the docker client installed, you may be wondering, what is the format for those alpha-numeric Build id’s. aa12 The short answer is it’s based on the region the build was executed upon, and a base…


Relaxing ACR storage limits, with tools to self manage

When we created the tiered SKUs for ACR, we built the three tiers with the following scenarios in mind: Basic – the entry point to get started with ACR. Not intended for production, due to the size, limited webhooks and throughput SLA. Basic registries are encrypted at rest and geo-redundantly stored using Azure Blob Storage,…


Deploying Docker Images from the Azure Container Registry to Azure Container Instances

In just a few minutes you can easily deploy Docker Container Images using just a context menu from the repositories blade of the Azure Container Registry. Azure Container Instances allow you to deploy Container Images directly without first provisioning VMs, Container Orchestrators, or any other container infrastructure. With Azure Container Instances, you pay just for what you use. Azure Container Instances are not a…


Visual Studio Docker tools support for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017

With the Visual Studio 2017 RC release, we’ve started down the path to finally shipping an official version of Visual Studio Docker tools; enabling developers to locally develop and debug containerized workloads. The latest Visual Studio 2017 RC Docker Tools added a number of anticipated features: Multi-container debugging, supporting true microservice scenarios Windows Server Containers…


Azure Container Registry User Accounts; Single, Multi, Admin and Service Principals

The Azure Container Registry went into public preview yesterday. We’re excited to add this core platform feature for the breadth of container deployments being added to Azure. These include Azure Container Service, Azure Service Fabric, Azure App Service and Azure Batch, …as of now. More are coming… When designing the Azure Container Registry, we felt it important…


Creating Docker Hosts in Azure w/Docker-Machine 0.7.0

Last week, Docker released version 0.7.0 of Docker-Machine.  You can get the latest docker-machine with Docker Toolbox or Docker for Windows beta. Among many new features, Azure users will find the new Azure driver extremely helpful. In previous versions, developers would need to create management certs and upload them to Azure. Configure firewall ports manually, and the VM was created using the RDFE APIs…


Developing ASP.NET Apps in Docker Containers

This week we released our latest Docker Tools for Visual Studio which continues our journey for developing apps in their target environment with Docker containers. Our 3 step goals have been the following: Run code in a container Switch the Visual Studio F5 experience from running code on your development machine to running in a…