Screencast of Deployment Options for SQL Server Compact

Another video in the SQL Server Everywhere Edition series demonstrating the deployment options for SQL Server Everywhere Edition.  In this screencast I talk about the Admin, Central, MSI deployment model with the assistance of ClickOnce bootstrappers as well as the private deployment model.enjoy,Steve


Video of installing the SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP

To get a feel for what it means to install the SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP here’s a video that describes the installation experience and the impact to your machine.  This covers the download from: SQL Server 2005 Everywhere Edition CTP Download  The video also covers how to install the ClickOnce bootstrapper package within Visual…


Tech Ed 06 Slides and Demos on SQL Server Everywhere Edition

Slides: DEV351 Developing Local and Mobile Data Solutions with SQL Server Everywhere Edition Many developers assume wireless will be everywhere, enabling applications to communicate with centrally located servers. Any developer who’s actually tried deploying broadly connected applications knows this is simply a dream of an alternate universe that only frustrates users with reality. Users want…


SQL Server Everywhere Edition CTP is here

Today, June 12th, we released the first CTP of SQL Server Everywhere Edition (SSEv). main SQL site will also be updated to include info on SQL Server Everywhere Edition: This release has a couple of key features: Now supported on Windows XP, Windows 2003 and yes Vista |DataDirectory| macro for dynamic database location…


VSLive Toronto 06 – Occasionally Connected Systems & Advancements in Data Access

Now that we’ve gone public with SQL Server Everywhere Edition I was able to talk a little more openly about some of our Occasionally Connected Systems work.  SQL Server Everywhere Edition is the first of many steps about our future work to enable end users to work anyplace, anytime.    At VSLive Toronto I gave…


Demo Videos of SQL Mobile / SQL Server Everywhere Edition

Some demo videos of various features and components that enable Occasionally Connected Applications I’ll continue to add links to videos of demos for various scenarios.  Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) Features Using SQL Server Mobile w/Visual Studio 2005 – 7 minutes A quick walkthrough of building an Order Form including configuring ComboBoxes lookup controls.  Using the…


SQL Server Mobile, SQL Server Everywhere Edition Code Snippets

When working with SQL Server Mobile / SQL Server Everywhere Edition (SSEv) here are a few code snippets that can be very useful.  Visual Studio 2005 incorporated a concept of Code Snippets which allows you to enter a shortcut in the code editor and Visual Studio will expand that shortcut into code with replacement regions. …


How much is Admin Rights a problem for installing productivity applets?

One of the issues we’re facing at Microsoft is how do we release products, or more specifically components, to customers more frequently.  There’s an expectation that Microsoft released components have a servicing and support model associated with them.  It’s a fair assumption.  However this assumption has a “price” associated with it.  Our current ability to…