Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and Salesforce Connected Services

Just a quick note that with the release of Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6, we've updated the Connected Service Provider for Salesforce.

Since Preview, we've:

  • Improved the OAuth refresh token code to support a pattern that should handle more issues with less code. We've been working with the Azure AD folks on this common pattern.
  • Now retrieve the ConsumerKey avoiding the manual trip to the Salesforce management UI to copy/paste the value
  • Improved the T4 template support to save any changes you've made to your customized templates. Be sure to read the new Customizing section in the guidance docs
  • Improved performance by caching the Salesforce .NET NuGet packages along with the installation of the connected services provider
Thanks for all the feedback that's gotten us this far. 
We're still looking for feedback before we wrap up the Release Candidate. There are a number of channels:
Connected Services SDK
For those looking to build your own Connected Service Provider, we are also getting ready to make the Connected Services SDK available soon as well
Thanks, and happy service coding,
Comments (2)

  1. MSDEVTECH says:

    This Extension DOES NOT WORK! I downloaded, installed and restarted and when I right click and select 'Add Connected Services' go the the SF extension it has a DOWNLOAD button next to it and sends me on an infinite loop!

  2. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi MSDevTech,

    Sorry for the trouble you're having. Because we haven't yet released the final version of Visual Studio 2015, we do have many breaking changes as we improve the experience, based on feedback.

    What I'm wondering is whether you have an incompatible set of components. We posted a CTP6 version of the Salesforce Connected Service, and an RC version to match the CTP6 and RC versions of Visual Studio.

    Can you confirm which version of the Salesforce Connected Service and Visual Studio you have installed?


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