Looking for LOB Developers

We’re looking to speak with companies that are building internal, enterprise, LOB applications. If you can spare just 30 minutes to help us shape the future of Visual Studio, we’d like to get insights into what you’re doing today and what you’re company is planning for the future.

If  you or someone in your company is interested, please contact me here



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  1. Steve Lasker says:

    Thanks for all the responses. We had some great conversations and really appreciate the feedback.

    We're doing some research this week, specifically in SharePoint and Office 2013 development. Hoping to talk with more folks in this space as well.



  2. Clinton Gallagher says:

    Too much emphasis on SharePoint and Office2013 per se. Even the freaking janitors know enterprise customers are struggling with reaching mobile devices all of their employees and customers are using.

    I could do a lot more business if LightSwitch supported a unified tooling policy which calls for adopting XAML, supporting Xamarin.Forms and integrating Visual Studio LightSwitch with Expression Blend

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