Heading to Tech Ed to talk about Silverlight Offline Applications

Looking forward to a week with business like geeks, grounded in business, but finding a way to make technology meet their business needs.

I'll be around at the Silverlight booth (not quite booth babe, but I'll try), and have a talk on Wednesday.

Hope to see many people there and hear about what you've been building.


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  1. Atif Shahzad says:

    wow great can i will get the the offline video.

  2. Jason R. Shaver says:

    Good luck on Wednesday!  I just listened to a podcast by Scott Hanselman and Drew Robbins talk about being a professional technical speaker in honor of your upcoming talk.  


  3. Rod Mac says:

    Is there any possibility that SL5 controls offline will assume the the look and feel of Win 7 'out of the box? If I put them alongside ASP.NET, WPF or WinForms, current SL4 or SL5 (beta) controls don't look too cool.

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