Offline Microsoft Silverlight Applications

At Tech Ed US in Atlanta this week I presented a session for building Offline Silvelright Applications. The session covered an end to end solution for developing applications, building on the work we’ve done with relative Sync technologies, local storage and the common feedback we’ve head over the last several years of working on these…


Heading to Tech Ed to talk about Silverlight Offline Applications

Looking forward to a week with business like geeks, grounded in business, but finding a way to make technology meet their business needs. I’ll be around at the Silverlight booth (not quite booth babe, but I’ll try), and have a talk on Wednesday. Hope to see many people there and hear about what you’ve been…


Building In Browser Experiences with Silverlight 5 Mix 11

Here’s my deck from one of our Silverlight 5 sessions @ Mix 11. We’ll be creating a Forum for Silverlight 5 discussions, but please use Connect for any bugs. Thanks and hope you enjoy the productivity of Silverlight 5 Steve


Silverlight TV, LOB Focus and a very cool Silverlight 4 Demo of National Instruments LabView

Last week, John Papa posted this interview we did, discussing in part our Silverlight 5 LOB focus. It’s always fun working with John, and looking forward to Mix. Some other Silverlight TV episodes include: Nick Kramer: talking about our upcoming 64bit support Vijay, Sam and Larry discussing the Silverlight 5 Triad  


Silverlight local databases, what do you use?

Completely acknowledging the lack of an integrated local database story with Silverlight, there are many solutions out there. Curious what you use, what you like, and what’s missing from your favorite solution.Since various solutions cover various options, also curious what scenarios your using your solution for.


Silverlight is hiring – Do you love data controls & LOB?

As was announced at the Firestarter, Silverlight 5 will continue its focus on data and line of business (LOB) scenarios. As the team continues to expand its breadth of features we’re looking for just the right person that has what it takes to quench the thirst of developers world wide.  Do you feel challenged by…

I’m baaaaackkk

Well, after 2 years away from DevDiv, I just couldn’t stay away. While I had a great time working on the billing system for Microsoft Online Services, such as Office 365 and Azure, met some great people across various divisions and did some innovative work building what will likely be one of the largest billing…