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  1. chew101 says:

    Hi Steve

    I’m sorry to contact you in this manner but I am running out of options and am having to take desperate measures.

    I am having a problem with something you wrote about eloquently on your previous blog.

    I have an 2.0 web service that I need to create and populate SQLeverywhere sdf files for download by Windows Mobile devices in the field. This is to symchronise product data.

    I have run up against a problem I have not been able to solve: when I try to compile my web service I get an error that states:

    "Failed to generate code. SQL Server Compact Edition is not intended for ASP.NET development" this error is connected to the dataset xsd which contains my template table adapters.

    My main concern is that I had this working but it has now stopped and I have no idea why. I desperately need to get past this block because my client is losing patience!

    I have set SQLServerCompactEditionUnderWebHosting to true in the appdoman in various places in code and lately in global.asax but this has no effect.

    Please, please will you give me the benefit of your experience in solving this problem?

    Software versions: VS2005 sp1, SQLce3.1, 2.0

    Thanks, in advance, for any answer you might be able to give.


    Matthew Cole

    Software Developer

    Crawley, England

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