SQL Server Compact Team Coming to your location… (Road Trip)

As part of our vNext release planning, we're heading out on the road to meet some of our customers.  With the assistance of Jon Box we did this a few weeks ago driving 1,400 miles around Arkansas and Tennessee and we had a blast.

Do you have an interesting usage pattern of SQL Server Compact?  Interested to host us for a few hours to tell us about it providing feedback on what we're considering for our next release? 

The 1-3 hr agenda sort of goes like this, with a 1/3 of the time allocated to each.  We're very flexible, and as long as we're talking to "developers", they've all gotten a lot of value from the meetings thus far.

  • Overview of how your using SQL Server Compact. What works well, what's doesn't.

  • We break into some Demos and conversations on what you could do today to make better use of Compact for any challenges you may be facing, but are already available within the product.

  • Feedback on what we're doing next. Based on the context setup earlier, are we fixing the right issues, enabling the right new scenarios, making your job easier so you could focus on the business tasks of the application?

When: We'll be in Florida for Tech Ed Developers.  We're looking to meet with customers the week of June 9th and will drive/fly to your location  Depending on where each company is located, we're mapping out our "road trip" accordingly. For this trip, we're staying within the US but will travel anyplace within the US.  We'll likely do a European road trip later this year around Tech Ed Europe.

If you're interested, please contact me here and we'll see what we can do to setup a meeting,



Comments (6)

  1. jackbond says:

    I’ve got a very interesting use case pattern, I’d love to use v3.5, but I can’t. And the reason I can’t is you guys haven’t released a platform builder update for it. What’s worse is that it doesn’t look like you plan to until sp1 for sqlce 3.5. So, since I can’t embed it into my OS design, it’s like it doesn’t even exist. Let me repeat that, SQLCE 3.5 does not exist, its vaporware. I’ve posted on your forums that someone needs to wake up, start slapping some heads, until you guys get your act together. To not have a platform builder update for sqlce 3.5 a full 6 months after it was released is completely unacceptable. Quite frankly, someone ought to be fired.

  2. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi Jack,

    We’ve definitely heard the complaint loud and clear, from the forums, newsgroups and other channels.  As you’ve heard, we will be shipping platform builder for our SP1 release later this summer to ease installation of Compact within OS images.  We didn’t realize how blocked developers would be to use Compact without the catalog component.  We’ve heard those building OS images were used to doing the following steps for their other components.  Between this, and our private deployment options, we thought developers would be in great shape.

    • Create a cec file (for 5.0) or a pbxml file (for 6.0) to define Sysgen variables for SQL Compact components
    • Extract all binaries from the cab files, create a new folder for SQL Compact components under the PB Windows CE root folder, copy these binaries over to that folder.
    • Author makefiles, sources files and boot-strapping code to create build time project for selected SQL Compact sysgens, such that the SQL Server Compact projects show up in the deptrees of the OS design, when selected from the catalog design.
    • Author reg files to appropriately GAC and register the managed and COM components of SQL Server Compact respectively. To be able to do this, the users will have to know the CLSIDs of our native interfaces and signatures, culture and assembly version of managed components.
    • Author bib (binary information block) files to package the SQL Server Compact binaries in-Rom in the appropriate section of the OS (generally NK).

    We obviously underestimated here, and since it is our goal to make Compact a no-brainer to use for all our Microsoft client development and operating systems environments, we need to fix this and will.  As you’ll see in a day or so, our SP1 is just around the corner, so we apologize for the delay, and will make sure we ship it with the product for each subsequent release.

  3. jackbond says:

    Not to sound ingrateful, be like I said, someone ought to be fired. Today! Hire him back in a week, but let the point be made. Honestly, how long would it take somebody there to release a MSI that encapsulated these steps? My favorite one is "the users will have to know the CLSIDs…" So you guys expect all your embedded developers to do this work individually (wasting thousands of developer hours) when you probably could have devoted 8 hours yourselves, saved everybody lots of time, and not looked like complete idiots? Here’s my situation, I’d like to use sqlce 3.5 today, but I’m not, because I’m not going waste my time doing all the work MSFT should have done in the first place. So instead, I’m just pissed, and resorting to xml files and LINQ while somebody there gets their act together. What’s really stupid is that time you guys have used reading the complaints, somebody could have just done the work.

  4. Howard says:

    LateLy it’s part of everything with none of the catalogue of speciaized tools of Desktop. It’d be nice to see curriculae developed that pepared the student/developer with a core set ofSQL concepts, skills, vocabulary and structure that allowed them to move from one level to another with ease as they grow ever more central

  5. Steve Lasker says:


    I’m not sure what to say to satisfy your comment.  The number of places SQL Server Compact ships is actually quite extensive, and everything we ship has a significant cost.  The steps are extensive, and only included for completeness.  My blog style is to “put it all out there”, and yes, pasting the steps reminded me again of what was required, which is why we are shipping the platform builder in SP1.  The actual work to ship anything isn’t that easy, but I don’t want to make any excuses.  The point is taken, and we are shipping the platform builder.  

    Again, apologies for any pain this caused,


  6. Martin says:

    Hi Steve

      I integrated the sqlce 3.0 into my wince 4.2 and wana using oledb to access db.

     All things seem to be ok but when the program wanna create a new database the error occured .

     The same program works good with the enviroment(wince 4.2+sqlce 2.0). And the error is "Operating System Does not support encryption".

    That’s really hard to understand because I have no desire and any

    related code to

    use the encryption. I set no password on the access to the database!!

     I don’t know if I missed some modules or take wrong options on

    the PB 4.2?

     And I have to ask you if that is possible to run the sqlce 3.0 on the wince 4.2 by native coding(oledb)?

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