Sync Services for ADO.NET (Devices) CTP 1 Available for Download

They Sync team has just published a CTP release of Sync Services for ADO.NET on Devices.

This continues our commitment to deliver a consistent programming and sync story for all Microsoft clients using SQL Server Compact.  The download page includes a sample, and readme.

For feedback on the CTP:

Thanks and please let us know if this is the right bar for 1.0, what we must fixt before shipping, and what you'd like in V2,


Comments (7)

  1. David Jacobson says:

    This CTP does not appear to support Visual Studio 2008 Express edition.  Can we have a clear statement if that is intentional?  Generally, I cannot find any statment in the product information that makes it clear what the requirments are for the development environement.

  2. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi David,

    It’s not that Sync Services doesn’t support Express, but rather we don’t have an Express SKU for devices.  



  3. David Jacobson says:

    Hi Steve,

    It is not possible to install the CTP for SQL Server Compact Edition tools if you only have one of the express editions for Visual Studio Installed.  It was possible to install the last rtm version of the tools, but they did not seem to work.  As far as I am concerned, that means the tools don’t support the Express editions.  Of course, that choice is one that you can make.  But it needs to made clearly so people do not waste their time with your product if they only have the Express edition.  These days most Microsoft function is supporting the Express editions.  So you need to call out the fact that you are taking a different course and requiring at lest the Standard edition of Visual Studio for a development environment for SQL Server Compact Edition.

    I don’t know what your reporting chain is or who made the decision not to support the Express editions.  But given the way SQL Server Compact Edition is being positioned, it seems like a bit of a strange choice.  So be aware, if I see a chance, I am going to bring this issue up on a higher level management blog.

  4. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi David,

    I think we’re confusing two different things here.  You posted your feedback on the Sync Services for ADO.NET (Devices) post.  I assumed you were asking if Sync Services for ADO.NET on Devices was supported in Express, and the problem is Devices don’t have Express support.  

    By your follow-up, since there’s no "tools" associated with the Sync Services for Devices CTP, it sounds like you may be asking about the CTP1 for the ADO.NET Entity tools.  If that’s the case, than yes, these work for Express as well.  


  5. Sam says:

    Hi Steve

    I am not sure to post at the right place, let’ see. I am developping an RDA application and got some probs. Got only one question. Does the sqlceca30.dll (client agent), and sqlcesa35.dll work together ?



  6. Выпущен CTP ADO.NET Synchronization Services для мобильных устройств!

  7. Walter says:

    We definitely need support for filters and bidirectional sync in the sync designer. Presently the only way to handle this appears to be to edit the XML generated by the designer which unfortunately is overwritten any time you run the designer again.

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