Presentations & Demos from Tech Ed Barcelona 07

Another great year in Barcelona.  First I want to thank our database track owner, Gunther Beersaerts. Gunther works in Technical Sales, and as a side job, manages this enormous event.  It's a lot of work to deal with us pesky speakers that always make changes right up to the last minute. Gunther did an awesome job, as usual, and makes it really easy for us to get with our customers to validate we're building the right products.  Thanks Gunther.

Here's the sessions, powerpoints and demos I showed.  I'll take the warning that these demos were built with a pre-RTM version of Visual Studio.  So, they may not work with B2 as is, but RTM is just around the corner, and you can open the files in B2.

DAT316 Implementing Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition
SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is designed to replace MSDE 2000 and offers the scalability, functionality and security of SQL Server 2005 in a package appropriate for redistribution with applications. This session provides an overview of the integration between SQL Express and Visual Studio as well as the additional tools available in SQL Server Management Studio Express. The session demonstrates common mechanisms for deploying SQL Express with an application and well as how to address common issues found when deploying a database with an application. Finally, there will be an overview of the expected features included in SQL Server 2008 Express Edition.
Express Power Point
Deploying Express with Scripts
Managing Data Files

DAT306 Optimizing Online, Enabling Offline with SQL Server Compact and Sync Services for ADO.NET
With Microsoft SQL Server Compact, developers can now easily cache data on the client in a compact, yet capable, transactional, queryable document-like database format. To maintain the cache, Sync Services for ADO.NET enables developers to easily cache data directly or over services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). Visual Studio codename "Orcas" delivers new integrated, developer-oriented sync designers making caching an easy task to increase user productivity, decrease the server workload, and simplify data access. In addition to caching, you can use Sync Services for ADO.NET to enable full offline scenarios as well. Find out what SQL Server Compact and Sync Services for ADO.NET have to offer for the "edge of the network" clients.
SyncNTierWithWCF Sample
One size doesn't fit all
- Logical Queuing Sample

DAT305 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition in Action
Looking for a reliable local store you can easily deploy embedded within your application? Wanting to know what programming options are available today, and what's coming in Visual Studio 2008? In this session, Steve will demo the different data access models including DataSet, ResultSet, TableDirect and LINQ. Steve will also demo the different deployment options available for Microsoft SQL Server Compact so that you don't have to worry about putting the power of SQL Server Compact directly into your app.
SQL Server Compact Deployment
Using SQLce under ASP.NET
Creating Database Schema In Code
Direct Data Access with the SqlCeResultSet
ISAM Data Access with the SqlCeResultSet
Database Viewer-Used for Security Demo
My Recipe - Using SQLce as a custom doc format

Thanks for a great conference, and look forward to hearing from you,


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  1. RMIT.NET says:

    Hi Steve,

    We had setup merge replication about 6 months ago and every thing seemed to be working fine until yesterday.

    When a record ceases to match the parameterized filters criteria, it used to be automatically removed from the subscriber. recently this has stopped happening. All changes made on the publisher are getting through to the subscriber and viceversa, however once a record doesnt meet the filter criterion anymore , it does not get deleted from it.

    Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.



  2. On Wednesday, Jan 16 th ’08 from 9am-10am PST time, I’ll be doing an MSDN Live webcast covering an introduction

  3. On Wednesday, Jan 16 th '08 from 9am-10am PST time, I'll be doing an MSDN Live webcast covering

  4. schildr says:

    When I click on links in DAT305 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition in Action

    I get a server error 500 (internal error) page

    my email

  5. Updated Sample Available! Steve Lasker (of SQL Server Compact fame) and I spent some time reworking this

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