SQL Server Compact 3.5 Features

Ambrish, one of our great Program Managers for SQL Server Compact has posted some details on the 3.5 enhancements:



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  1. MikeH says:

    Will ADO.NET EDM Beta 2 support SQLCE 3.5?

  2. Dave Michel says:

    I’m working with 3.5 Beta 2, and am finding that a subquery in a SELECT clause still doesn’t seem to be supported. Am I wrong, or is this functionality still not part of CE 3.5 Beta 2?

  3. Steve Lasker says:

    Looks like Sub Query didn’t make Beta 2.  RTM is just around the corner, so just hang in there just a little bit longer…


  4. Ilan says:

    I have a memory corruption error from time to time and its not the ntext field problem are you familiar with this issue ?

  5. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi Ilan

    We have had some issues with corruption when multiple processes open the same database and one of the processes dies.  This gets worse in Visual Studio when we kill debugging during an app update.

    We’ve done a number of fixes in 3.5 to minimize this and while we can never gaurentee corruption won’t happen, we’re seeing many of the historical problems are soved.  It would be great to download 3.5, give it a try, and let us know.  If your still having trouble, we want to know so we can fix the unique situations we’re not seeing.

    BTW, RTM is just a few weeks away…


  6. gobledb@hotmail.com says:

    "Looks like Sub Query didn’t make Beta 2.  RTM is just around the corner, so just hang in there just a little bit longer…"

    Just to be clear, subqueries *will* be in RTM?

  7. Steve Lasker says:

    Hi Kettch,

    Yes, sub queries in the FROM clause are in RTM.


  8. Dave Michel says:

    Any examples of how to do a subquery in the FROM clause (or any other clause) in CE 3.5 RTM? I can only get a WHERE IN to work.


  9. Anne says:

    is this SQL is supported in the version of SQLCE

    select i.ID, (Select Sum(Amt) from t2 p where p.ID = i.ID) as UnpaidAmt from t1 i


  10. Carlos says:

    Hi Steve.

    We are developpers for mobile devices and we found SQL CE 3.5 SP2 with a problem in the method INSERT when the DB connection is being closed.

    We didn't find anything weird about how the code is wrote but the problem is hugh and we found also several reports about problems with the INSERT method.


    Do you know where we can find updating to solve those issues?

    Thank you,

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